Davao City Investments Now Bigger and Safer with the Entry of a Technological Solutions Provider

DAVAO CITY – With the opening of the office of a technological solutions provider company in the locality, Davao City has once more confirmed its reputation as one of the fast-growing commercial centers in the country as well as among the safest cities in the world.

D-TEC Solutions Inc., a Makati-headquartered technological solutions provider of automation, auxiliary, and power systems, had opened an office in the said city last July 28 this year in a  bid

“to further bolster the twin aspects of investments and safety in the city,”

said Dave Ariss Balino,  D-TEC Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer.

Operating since 2013, D-TEC Solutions has been distributing and installing Building/Energy Management System (iBMS and BEMS), SMART Automation Systems, CCTV Surveillance Devices, Access Control & Biometrics Systems, Fire Alarm Systems (FDAS), Paging Systems, Structured Cabling Systems, Solar PV Systems, Generator Sets, and other related devices and accessories.

Gearing to expand its operations all over the county, the company has entered into partnerships with around 32 exclusive distributors nationwide who have been marketing CCTV products exclusively manufactured for the company such as SAFECAM, SAFEPASS, and NEXO, and other auxiliary and power systems products such as solar panels.

Established firms such as Unilever, GMA, BDO, to name a few, have also tapped the proven quality products and services of the company.

Balino, an electronics engineer, said that despite a low crime index posted by the city in the past years, the company

“has found the necessity to maintain the momentum which the city has gained in terms of stringent implementation of safety measures and of brisk influx of investment portfolios.”

It should be noted that in last year alone, Davao City was able to decrease by almost half the crime rate posted in 2015 in the city, the same year when Davao City was at one point ranked the 4th safest city in the world.

The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) had reported that from January to  December last year, the crime index in the city had decreased by 42% the 4,032 crime index posted in the previous year.

“This (low crime index) can be seen as one of the major reasons why investments have kept pouring in the city contrary to claims that investors have shown doubts to bring in  their ventures due to imminent security threats posed by some lawless fundamentalist groups,”

Balino said.

Whether or not there is Martial Law in Mindanao and regardless of the wide public attraction drawn by President Rodrigo Duterte who hails from Davao City, D-TEC Solutions is keen on keeping the investments in the city all the more thriving by making the company’s line of business vibrantly felt in the locality, Balino added.

Erwin Ocan, also an Electronics Engineer and Vice President of D-TEC Solutions, said that the company

“can also be of big help in the augmentation of the safety nets provided by the widely recognized 911 of Davao City.”

D-TEC Solutions’ presence in Davao City now adds up to the increase of businesses reported by the Davao City Investment Promotion Office (DCIPC) in the first quarter this year which totaled to 36,441, up from the 36,441 businesses recorded in the same period last year.

Investment growth in the city is attributed to the investors’ certainty on the city’s business climate, good governance, and peace and security condition, the DPIC said.

Giving impetus to the bustling investment activities in Davao City was the holding of the 4th Davao Investment Conference last July and of the 15th Mindanao Design and Construction Fair organized last June by Arkiquest and participated in by more than 70 exhibitors, of these was D-TEC Solutions.

Among those who attended the opening of D-TEC Solutions-Davao City office were representatives from the offices of the City Mayor and Councilor Pilar Braga.

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