Social Programs

We are deeply committed to make meaningful changes in people's lives

While gaining competence in the technical arena through efficient project deliveries, D-TEC has shown that every facet of its operations is closely linked to the improvement of the well-being of the underprivileged people. It has created social programs – namely, FEED-DREAMS and Solutions4All - to effect a significant change in the lives of the disadvantaged sectors of the society. Through these programs, D-TEC has gone on to become one of those mission-driven companies making well-intentioned efforts to realize a bright future for the less fortunate ones.

Technological and Entrepreneurial Center for Innovation (TECI)
Empowerment of OSY for Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Employment Program for OSY (Out-of-School Youth)
Community-wide Social Enterprise Program for Families

Equipping and Empowering the Underserved Communities by providing them access to basic necessities
Resource-Sharing Program between D-TEC and its stakeholders and the Underserved Communities

Helping environmentally-concerned citizens to afford renewable energy solutions for their home and business
Long-term partnership amongst investors, D-TEC & end-users
Financial arm of D-TEC to accomplish its mission of being good stewards of the environment

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